Meet the Tribes – Tonkin

Meet The Tonkins

Tonkins live under water. They have jellyfish-like bodies and soft, tentacle-like legs, which they use as hands. When required a Tonkin’s legs will morph together to form a gliding base. The gliding base helps Tonkins to move through the water and along the seabed without any effort. It is also the preferred form of the Tonkin when sleeping, which means that a Tonkin is carried on the current while asleep and wakes up in a new place. Tonkins are quite adventurous and do not mind waking up somewhere new.

Once a Tonkin has a family, the parents and any children attach themselves together using a Tonkreed. The parents no longer use the glide base when sleeping, but instead take it in turns to attach themselves to a piece of coral using their tentacles, while the rest of the family sleep. A particularly adventurous Tonkin family will, from time to time, make a joint decision to use the glide base while sleeping; thus allowing the current to transport them to a new underwater Tonk Reef.

A Tonkin’s big eyes allow them to see all. This all-seeing brings a vast amount of knowledge, but because they are inherently flighty, Tonkins do not use the knowledge they acquire. They are happy to float around, seeing new places or hanging out with their family. Tonkins think it is extremely funny to hide in a reef hole and pop up suddenly, surprising any passing Tonkins. They will laugh about this all day.