Meet the Tribes – Floot

Meet The Floots!

Floots live in an Arctic wasteland, where everything is frozen and it is always icy cold. Unfortunately, the Floots are ill-equipped to cope in their surroundings.

Not only do Floots hate the cold, but they have small feet and big bodies which causes them to fall over on the frozen ground all the time.

Floots live in igloos, where they huddle together for warmth. They would prefer not to have to step outside at all, but they have a symbiote living in their belly which loves the cold. In fact, symbiotes require ice cream in order to survive, so a Floot must eat at least eight ice creams a day. Floots hate doing this as it makes them even colder. When a Floot goes outside to eat ice cream it puts on a scarf to compensate for the extreme cold. It doesn’t really make any difference, but it makes the Floots feel a bit better.

Floots are obsessed with building coracles – perhaps because they hope to escape their frozen wasteland by sailing away. However, because the wasteland is frozen, they are unable to use the coracles as boats, so they use them as sledges or as somewhere to sit with their feet off the freezing ground.

In an attempt to warm themselves up, Floots will often climb a nearby mountain. When they reach the top they will shout, “Floot!” and wait to hear the word echoed back, as it bounces off the surrounding mountains. On a particularly cold day, Floot! can be heard echoing off the mountains from morning till night.