Meet the Tribes – Ojays

Meet The Ojays!

The Ojays live on searingly hot volcanic islands miles away from the nearest strip of luscious green land. They are rough and tough, and their skin is made of thick orange rubber that protects them from the sun and the unrelenting heat. Despite their tough appearance, they are a very chilled bunch, with kind hearts.

Because of the scorching sun, they choose to work in the evenings when the temperature drops to 60℃. They use this time to make fantastic lava sculptures. Sucking up lava from the sea of lava that surrounds their island and cooling it in the hot springs, they then blow it like fine glass or mould it into dark mysterious shapes which sell amazingly well on the mainland.

Before the sun comes up, they lay down on the floor and grab a well-earned snooze, ready for a day of relaxing and playing together in the hot springs that cover their island.