Meet the Tribes – Ooloo

Meet The Ooloos!

The Ooloos are a crazy tribe of eccentric wizarding folk who live on islands of water and ice, hidden amongst the clouds. Ooloos are worriers, something which stems mainly from the fact that their islands are not tethered to the clouds and so are constantly being buffeted across the sky to new locations

Thankfully they are very easily distracted and soon get lost in making magic and trying new spells. The Ooloos No.1 super-star celebrity is Ooloo Zanta and they can’t wait to get their islands Zanta-ready in the run up to the Tincmas season. This is the time of year when Ooloos worry the least, as they know that, wherever they have ended up, Ooloo Zanta will find them and bring them lots of Tinc goodies.

Throughout the rest of the year they fill their days with magic; creating crazy water fountains and ice parks — and running for cover from the giant hailstone showers that the naughtiest Ooloos conjure up when no one is looking