Tincmas 2019 Has Arrived!

Tincmas 2019 Has Arrived! 2018 was our most successful Christmas yet, with our Advent Calendar selling out fast and kids across the nation waking up to 24 boxes full of Tinc treats, leading them up to Christmas Day. So this year, we wanted to make your Christmas bigger and better than ever! And what’s better […]

Meet the Tribes – Ooloo

Meet The Ooloos! The Ooloos are a crazy tribe of eccentric wizarding folk who live on islands of water and ice, hidden amongst the clouds. Ooloos are worriers, something which stems mainly from the fact that their islands are not tethered to the clouds and so are constantly being buffeted across the sky to new […]

Meet the Tribes – Ojays

Meet The Ojays! The Ojays live on searingly hot volcanic islands miles away from the nearest strip of luscious green land. They are rough and tough, and their skin is made of thick orange rubber that protects them from the sun and the unrelenting heat. Despite their tough appearance, they are a very chilled bunch, […]

Meet the Tribes – Floot

Meet The Floots! Floots live in an Arctic wasteland, where everything is frozen and it is always icy cold. Unfortunately, the Floots are ill-equipped to cope in their surroundings. Not only do Floots hate the cold, but they have small feet and big bodies which causes them to fall over on the frozen ground all […]

Meet the Tribes – Kronks

Meet The Kronks Kronks live in the Wild West. They have geometric, well-structured bodies and neatly formed hands. Kronks are inventors; they are incredible at making weird and wonderful mechanical things out of day-to-day objects or scraps that they find. Kronks like to sit behind a cactus when they are trying to think up new […]

Meet the Tribes – Tonkin

Meet The Tonkins Tonkins live under water. They have jellyfish-like bodies and soft, tentacle-like legs, which they use as hands. When required a Tonkin’s legs will morph together to form a gliding base. The gliding base helps Tonkins to move through the water and along the seabed without any effort. It is also the preferred […]

Meet the Tribes – Mallo

Meet The Mallos! Mallos live on soft, grassy islands in the sky. They love to be with their friends, and spend the day making their Mallo islands wonderful places to live. They are very happy creatures. Mallos come in six forms – Kite, Cloud, Heart, Pencil, Paintbrush, Rainbow – but they can morph their shape, whenever […]