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Get a FREE Hard Top Pencil Case With Any Order OVER $60!
Get a FREE Hard Top Pencil Case With Any Order OVER $60!

🌟 Big Changes Ahead: Welcome to Peaberry Kids! 🌟

We're brimming with excitement and have some fabulous updates to share with you!

1. Why the Change?
Our memorable journey as Tinc Australia is taking a new direction. With Tinc stepping back for a brief period, they plan to return but under their direct leadership. This evolution has propelled us towards a fresh identity.

2. Deciding on Peaberry Kids! 🎉
Our naming adventure was filled with ideas! We flirted with "Blueberry Lane", "Maqui", "Kidtobia", and even "Keiki". But destiny, with a sprinkle of inspiration from the endearing term "Sweet Pea" and a playful nod to the coffee world, brought us to "Peaberry Kids".

3. Seamless Transition
Continuity is our mantra! While we embrace our new identity, our steadfast commitment to you remains. There will be minimal disruption during this transition. Very soon, will be our new digital abode, but for a brief period, the Tinc domain will guide you to us.

4. More to Explore
While we continue to cherish some iconic Tinc products, prepare to be dazzled by an enriched range from brands such as Spencil, LimaLimes, The Play Card Co, Yay4Play, Keezi, and the enchanting kids play makeup from Oh Flossy. Plus, our exclusive Peaberry brand awaits!

5. A Splash of Vibrancy
Our metamorphosis is more than just a name. Immerse in our universe painted in radiant shades of purple and orange, capturing our renewed zest.

6. More than a Store
Our aspiration for Peaberry Kids transcends being an online storefront. We envision a bustling hub where parents exchange, connect, and explore. Together, let's create a vibrant parent community.

7. Digital Evolution
Our social media presence is getting a makeover too! New handles but the same zeal to share content that resonates with you.

8. Loyalty Celebrated
Your faith in us is invaluable! Our existing loyalty program not only remains intact but will soon be enriched with more delightful perks.

9. We're Here for You
For questions, thoughts, or a simple hello, drop us an email at or ring us at 08 6201 9060.

10. Join the Celebration 🥳
Keep an eye out! We're gearing up with a cascade of competitions, launch offers, and special deals, climaxing with our Black Friday/Cyber Monday bonanza.

Your journey with us has been nothing short of magical. As we pen this new chapter, we promise the essence of what we offer remains - with a dash of newfound excitement.

Cheers to new beginnings!
The Peaberry Kids Team