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Get a FREE Hard Top Pencil Case With Any Order OVER $60!
Get a FREE Hard Top Pencil Case With Any Order OVER $60!

About Tinc

Welcome, adventurer! You've just landed in the world of Tinc, the wonderland of extraordinary stationery, gadgets, and gifts. So buckle up, because we're all about taking the 'ordinary' and turning it on its head to create the 'extraordinarily fun'!

Born from a UK family's bright spark of imagination, we're now bringing our box of delights all the way down under, as the official Australian representative of Tinc. (Yep, we've got the official Aussie accent and everything!)

But what is Tinc, we hear you ask? Tinc is more than just a brand. It's a mission. A mission to sprinkle magic into every day, turn chores into cheers, and convert dull into delightful! We believe that life's too short for plain and boring, which is why we're here to add a dash of wonder to your world.

From pencils that'll make you giggle to gadgets that make you go "Wow!", our colourful range of products is designed to inspire creativity and joy in kids of all ages (and hey, that includes the "grown-ups" too!). We love turning the mundane into magical and the routine into remarkable.

But don't just think we're all about fun and games (although, we love a good game!). We're also fiercely committed to quality. Every item in our treasure trove is crafted with care and precision, ensuring you get nothing but the best.

And we're not keeping all the fun to ourselves either. Since 2013, we've been distributing our whimsical wonders to the wholesale market, teaming up with businesses from cute corner gift shops to mighty multinational brands. Our goal? To spread the Tinc love far and wide!

Whether you're shopping in our stores, browsing on our spiffy website, or catching us on Amazon across Europe, we're dedicated to giving you a cracking shopping experience. Need help? Our superstar customer service team is always ready to assist, with a smile and a joke or two.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the Tinc train and let's head on an exciting journey to the land of extraordinary. Remember, here at Tinc, we don't just sell stationery, gadgets, and gifts - we sell a whole lot of FUN!

Tinc Australia - Extraordinary is our ordinary!