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Get a FREE Hard Top Pencil Case With Any Order OVER $60!
Get a FREE Hard Top Pencil Case With Any Order OVER $60!


1. Why is Tinc Australia rebranding?
Tinc is momentarily stepping back from our shores, planning to return with their direct leadership. As we no longer represent them in the region, we're embracing a fresh, vibrant identity as Peaberry Kids.

2. How did you decide on "Peaberry Kids"?
Our naming journey considered several names including "Blueberry Lane", "Maqui", "Kidtobia", and "Keiki". Inspired by the term "Sweet Pea" and with a fun nod to the coffee world, "Peaberry Kids" emerged as our chosen name.

3. Will there be any disruptions during the transition?
We aim for a smooth transition with minimal disruption. For a while, our original Tinc domain will direct you to our new home at

4. Can I still buy Tinc products?
Yes, we'll continue to offer some Tinc favorites! Additionally, we're expanding with brands like Spencil, Tiger Tribe, and more, including our exclusive Peaberry range.

5. What's new with the Peaberry Kids look?
We're donning a vibrant color palette of purples and oranges. Plus, our new logo reflects our dynamic, youthful spirit.

6. What's the vision for Peaberry Kids?
Beyond a store, we're building a community platform for parents to share, learn, and connect. Your one-stop hub for products, insights, and connections.

7. Are you changing your social media handles?
Yes, we're updating our handles to align with our new brand, but our enthusiasm for sharing valuable content remains unwavering.

8. I'm part of the loyalty program. What happens to my points?
No worries! Your points and the loyalty program stay intact. We're also exploring ways to make it even more rewarding.

9. How can I get in touch during this changeover?
You can always reach us at or call 08 6201 9060.

10. Are there any special offers or events to celebrate the rebranding?
Absolutely! We have competitions, launch offers, and special deals lined up. Stay tuned for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials!